Curtain Walling

Magnificent Curtain Wallings

A combination of glass, metal panels, and light stone is used to come up with the contemporary curtain walling systems in the commercial sector. Commonly, the aluminium-framed wall is attached to a building and when it comes to the gravity and wind loads, they are redirected to the floor line of the building.

Contemporary Curtain Walling Systems

It is a far better choice to install curtain walls on your commercial building either as an approach to refurbishing or completing your new building. As opposed to what many individuals think, curtain walling, specifically Aluminum framed curtain wall systems stretch back to the 19th century when aluminium became available to all. Due to innovations, there are various approaches to installing curtain walling systems, depending on the type, specifications, and type of the building.

Curtain Walling Systems

London Shutters installs various curtain walling systems and certainly the best Aluminium Curtain Walling Fitters in London. London Shutters pioneers bespoke curtain walling solutions with the help of superior technical expertize, creativity, and innovativeness. This cutting-edge service is aimed at glazing optimization and safety. Different approaches to Curtain Walling Systems are utilized with the help of glass for aesthetic purposes, transparency, and sophistication.

  • Glass Curtain Walling

These systems are a lightweight facade wall intended for closure rather than contributing to the stability of the building. Generally, these systems are installed on the external face of the supporting structure (skeleton) of the building. Its elements are connected by joints and its own weight or wind pressure are transmitted to the framework through fasteners.

Considerations During Curtain Wall Installation

Although curtain walling systems are globally utilized for enhancing glazing capacities, sophistication, and elegance, installing these systems requires expertize and following the provided regulations. Therefore, as the professional crew of London Shutters installs these systems, these are kept in mind;

  • Durability / Sustainability
  • Repairability
  • Maintenance Access
  • Design detailing
  • Safety
  • Aesthetics
  • Acoustic performance
  • Thermal Performance
  • Glazing attributes