Proper Maintenance of your uPVC windows can Reduce Repair Costs

Proper Maintenance of your uPVC windows can Reduce Repair Costs

Over millions of apartments and commercial buildings are completed with uPVC windows in London. This sophisticated designer style can be maintained in a number of approaches that will not only preserve their elegance and attractiveness but also reduce repair costs in the future. At this juncture, we are interested in mastering vital maintenance approaches that will even improve the longevity of your uPVC windows and doors and they include the following;

General Maintenance

Maintaining your uPVC windows and doors can be done by;

  • Oiling (Lubrication)

It is essential to oil the locking systems, the window key, and the hinges at least three times in two weeks. It is also advisable to monitor the tightness of the screw on the daily basis to prevent operation failure.

  • Opting for maintenance service providers occasionally

Opt for a uPVC maintenance team at least twice in a year. The professional team will excellently analyse your uPVC windows and doors to prevent malfunctions, decay (frames), and interruptions during working hours.

How to Clean the uPVC windows and doors

The uPVC glass is the actual source of beauty, elegance and attractiveness and therefore, cleaning the uPVC windows and doors on a daily basis, especially those installed in commercial buildings is necessary. This is how to clean your uPVC windows and doors;

  • Take a clean dry cloth and wipe the uPVC windows and doors.

  • You can then apply a uPVC cleaner on a moist cloth and wipe the windows and doors gently.

  • After cleaning the glass, buff it using a dry cloth and then finish the job using a clean and dry newspaper.

How to Clean the Glass Frame

The windows or door frames usually harbour dirt that tends to slip down in case it rains. Weakened frames can also facilitate breakage in case of a minor accident. To keep your window and door frames maintained, focus on the edges while cleaning them with lukewarm water and avoid using abrasive cloth. Dry the frames after cleaning them.

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